Mandarin Marmalade, Syrup, Barbeque Sauce and Rubs

You must try our Mandarin marmalade, made during the peak of the season with only Morse Farms mandarins. The marmalade is not only delicious on your morning toast, it is excellent for cooking and baking in your desserts or as a savory glaze on chicken, pork and fish. Our marmalade is available in a 10 oz jar. Buy Online

Our mandarin jalapeno barbeque sauce is a thick, rich barbeque or dipping sauce with a medium heat. It contains our hot and spicy rub in it already for an extra kick. Try this on chicken, ribs, burgers, steak, pork and we also like it on fresh trout or bass filets wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill. Our sauce is available in a 14oz bottle. Buy Online.

A family favorite is our Morse Farms Meat Seasoning and Rub. John developed this special blend of sea salt and spices over 20 years ago and has been sharing it with family and friends. It is excellent on tri-tip, chicken and ribs, but we also add it to our grilled vegetables and in our stir fry. There is no added MSG in this seasoning. This seasoning and rub is available in a 6.4 oz. shaker. Buy Online.

Our Hot & Spicy Seasoning and Rub mix is a variation of our traditional rub, but with a unique blend of hot chili peppers to give it a nice heat. We use this on carne asada, taco meat, chili, hamburgers, seasoned French fries and our home made salsas. There is no added MSG in our rubs. This is available in a 6.4 oz. clear shaker. Buy Online.

Our mandarin syrup is a thick, sweet mandarin syrup perfect on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream. Many of our friends use it in place of honey on their biscuits and glaze black forest ham, pork roasts and barbequed chicken with it. Ingredients are just mandarin juice, sugar and cornstarch. We think you will enjoy this tasty syrup with your morning breakfast or your dinners. This syrup is available in a 12 oz. bottle. Buy Online.


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