WELCOME TO MORSE FARMS! We will have fresh fruit at the farm and in local stores during the various citrus seasons. However, we will no longer ship fresh fruit. We will be glad to ship our products year round. Thank-you for your understanding.

Morse Farms was established in 2002, when the family planted 400 Satsuma Owari mandarin trees at 8 Feathervale Drive in the eastern foothills in Oroville, California. We now have close to 600 trees including minneolas, oranges, lemon grapefruits and apples. The orchard was planted using sustainable farming methods such as micro-emitter sprinkler heads to reduce water usage, and leaving grass between the rows of trees to reduce soil erosion and a flat area to capture any water runoff that might occur to allow percolation back into the ground. Our farm also uses bark for weed and erosion control in other planted areas. Sprays are kept to a minimum by only spraying when needed. The family recycles, composts and uses little to no electricity during the picking, cleaning, sorting or boxing of the fruit, creating a minimal carbon footprint. Our family hand wipes each piece of fruit with white terry cloth towels and provides hand sorting and inspection when bagging and boxing the fruit. This operation also guarantees that you receive the best quality of fruit in every bag.

Mandarin oranges are known for being a healthy, natural snack. Its size is perfect for a child’s lunchbox or an adult’s pocket. Full of vitamins, at 45 calories each and 0.1 grams of fat, it’s one of the best low fat foods you can eat. We suggest you enjoy mandarins in their natural form and check out these recipes that you can use during the holidays and all year to add the benefits of mandarins to your diet. Mandarin Recipes

Morse Farms is family owned. We sell Satsuma mandarins in 10 lbs bags, 8 and 14 lbs boxes, Mandarin Marmalade, Mandarin pancake Syrup, Mandarin Jalapeno BBQ sauce, made from Morse Farms fruit and meat seasoning and rubs which are also excellent on vegetables. We ship gift baskets and boxes with a wide variety of mandarin products, seasoning rubs, walnuts, olive oil, BBQ Sauce from local farms and producers. Unfortunately, we no longer ship boxes of fruit due to the delays and damage that occurs to our delicate fruit.

Though mandarins are our specialty, we also grow Meyers and Eureka lemons which are also available during mandarin season. Navel oranges, are available in January and February, minneolas and grapefruits in March. See the article from Visitor’s and Newcomers Guide for Oroville/Gridley attached here Visitors Guide 2011-2012 for more information on local citrus growers.

Our mandarins are grown by our family to be shared with yours!

Mandarinshed 008Our mandarin season typically begins in late November and runs until the middle of January or the end of season. During the mandarin season our shed is open at the orchard daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Come visit us this season and bring the whole family to the orchard for a wonderful outing.

Our signs are posted on Olive Highway, Miner’s Ranch Road and Mt. Ida. Follow the signs to our shed. See recent articles from the Chico News & Review highlighting Morse Farms at the following links:



We will be glad to ship your holiday orders for you. What a wonderful holiday gift for your family and friends.


We ship gift baskets and gift boxes for you.
See gift baskets and boxes category in the shop to order.

We ship mandarins, lemons, oranges & grapefruits. Order Online

We make custom baskets as shown above for you to pick up and deliver.

Please visit the farm at 8 Feathervale Drive to pickup your bags of mandarins directly from us.  We sell 5 lb. and 10 lb. bags at the farm. Please call ahead if you are planning on picking up more then 10 at a time.

Fresh mandarins, no gases, dyes or cold storage. Our fruit is “Best in its own skin”


5 lb. bags are also available.


10 lb bags, fresh picked, ready for pickup at the fruitstand

You can find us at many of the local events.


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